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Media outreach and influencer engagement

SparkAmplify will help you identify the right media outlets and social media influencers to share your story and boost your campaign.

Don't leave the success of your campaign to chance

Our Expertise

Machine Learning

We are data scientists with marketing domain knowledge.  Our analysis identify critical patterns humans don't see.

Media Outreach

Media individuals are humans too. Learn what type of stories they enjoy writing and get them to believe in your story.

Social Influencers

Friends & family are often not enough to get you pass the tipping point of social proof. Start building your targeted fan base early.

Simplified Outreach and Dashboard

Tell Us About Your Campaign

Each campaign is unique in its own way, therefore we take our time to learn about your campaign to ensure that we don't miss a thing when we start our big data analysis.

Targeted Media Outreach

How It Works

Sometimes we just can't afford to hire a PR agency. With SparkAmplify, we arm you with intelligent industry knowledge and let you appropriately become the main product spokesperson.

Take advantage of our outreach module to connect with media/influencers and get feedback on engagement analysis through our user-friendly dashboard analytics.

Identify Social Media Influencers

Social media is a wealth of influencers from all walks of life. We study their internet behavior so that you can focus on forging a relationship with the right influencer to help you spread the word.




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On average a successful crowdfunding campaign has 22 media pick-ups and 356 backers. How many do you have?

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