3D Volumetric capturing service

Aemass is in real life 3D Capture. Our specialization allows cutting edge services for people, objects and smart environments. Using a single depth camera, no extra set up, no green screen, no markers, the customized 3D content is made in place by capturing, creating and presenting at once.

💡There are 3 advantages in our product:

✔ Easy to use
✔ Affordable
✔ Scalable  Enabled to reduce the cost by 10-100 times for our clients.

Enabled to reduce the cost by 10-100 times for our clients!

Make your own Hologram!


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About Us

Aemass is an XR, AI silicon valley startup since 2013 and branch out in Taiwan since 2019. With a portable single depth camera, our patented technology platform and 3D cloud capturing, we are able to provide real content for XR (VR/AR). Record the variety of the world and every moment in life into interactive holographic forms. We firmly believe that the scalable cloud and AI would change people’s lives and allowing everyone to participate in the next evolution of digital media.