AR Plaza is a brand-new AR interactive platform that applies in both indoor and outdoor environments. With a unique positioning technique, AR PLAZA can provide participants a more immersive interactive experience.  

Four Features of AR PLAZA: 

✔ Immersive AR experience:
AR PLAZA combines innovative technology and creative curation to present an interactive panoramic AR experience.

✔ Precise spatial positioning:
 With the unique light positioning technology, placing AR objects are quicker and more accurate now.

✔ Multiplayer real-time interaction:
Multiple players interact in real-time, enjoying a gamification AR experience with your friends.

✔Collect data of interaction:
Provide analyzed data of AR interaction, keeping abreast of user behavior at all times.

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About Us

Digi Space Co., Ltd. is Taiwan's first accelerator and consulting firm that concentrates on startups in the XR industry. Since its inception in 2017, Digi Space has implemented a number of government projects promoting the development of the XR industry.
Since 2020, Digi Space has involved in the development of a brand-new technology curation platform, AR Plaza, to provide the market with a new immersive AR interactive experience service with the combination of technology curation energy and Taiwan's unique positioning technique.