Why Creatinno Tech:

1) Creative Problem Solver
2) Deep understanding on AR,VR, 360 technology
3) Listed as top 10 AR/VR Malaysia based company by GoodFirms

Recent Key results (2020 ~ 2021):

1) Lead process digitalization in a Malaysia company
2) Co-launch a VR product in UK
3) Co-launch Catalyst360 (Virtual Tour Services) in Malaysia

How does it work?

1) Brief - let us know more about your business
2) Analysis - identify your business core's need
3) Proposal - propose a tech strategy for you
4) Delivery - develop, test then launch the strategy

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About Us

Creatinno  started its operation back in 2019 and has since delivered over 50 projects,  5 mobile apps and plenty of AR filters for over 12 clients. The company name  "Creatinno" is coined from the words "Creative" and  "Innovative", as our founders believed both of these criteria will  be essential in future across different industry. Therefore, In Creatinno, we  strive to deliver affordable digital solution to business by using technology  creatively to improve their business processes such as but not limited to  marketing and sales. Technology stack available in Creatinno includes  Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 360 Imagery, Social Media  Filters, Web and App Solution as of 2021.