How does it work?

Enterprises concerned with confidential conversation, video recording and images host Solusight server within their own domain. Solusight is a multiway collaborative communication for real time coaching, monitoring, auditing, telemedicine, and assisted diagnostic repair work.

What is Solusight Unique Proposition?

• Multi-party Video Conferencing
• Private Hosting for confidentiality
• Voice Command operation of AR Glasses for Safety on Industrial Site
• Explosive Proof Glasses
• Clear resolution with video streaming of 5x zoom
• Adjustment of exposure
• Cloud and Local Storage
• Real Time Telepresence
• Video Recording
• One click broadcasting for image and annotation from Control Centre to frontline worker
• Powerful search for archived video and images in the gallery

5 x Zoom Feature and Exposure for clarity

• Reduce face to face interaction in pandemic to save time
• Cut down overseas travelling cost
• Real time coaching, troubleshooting with multi-way collaborative communication
• Video recording to archive important workflow or process as evidence or auditing purposes

Industry Solution

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• Engineering
• Oil Rig
• Laboratory 
• Education
• Telemedicine

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About Us

We are a singapore robotic company and software development that focus on developing enterprise grade application for businesses and consumers.