Are you a PR person? Have you ever encountered a situation where you have an article, blog post or press release ready, but don’t know where to distribute - or simply, who might be interested. 

Before you turn to another expensive distribution service, or free but unreliable sites, why don’t give our free “Article Based Media Recommendation” feature a try.👇

Looking for better exposure for your press release?

Let our AI model read your article and decide where to send your press release to. After we provide you an engagement report, take a bolder step - start pitching to journalists who are on the list!

The Advantage of SparkAmplify distribution service


Better recommendation with AI

SparkAmplify’s AI model will assess your article and distribute it to the top 50-100 recommended medias. After which, send you a visibility report on who engaged with your press-release.


Engage with interested journalists

We send out the press-release and you focus on building a long-term relationship with the media! So follow up with engaged media or pitch to them with more details.


All-in-one tracking system

Track your placement records in your SparkAmplify Brand profile
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More than press release:

Actually, any piece of content will do. Feel free to try it with your blog posts!

Paste content of your company or product, sit back, and let our AI model recommend journalists who are interested in the topic based on your article.

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