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Intelligent Media Outreach

Article-Based Recommendation & Distribution

Make the most of your content.Simply paste your press release here and let our AI do the magic. You'll get a list of 50-100 AI-recommended media who might be interested in the topic. Opt for our AI distribution service to directly reach them on SparkAmplify. Because why not make the most of the content you already spent time working on?

AI-powered Press Release Assistant

Create PR without hassle.Follow the lead of our guided question sets, and your release will be ready in 30 mins. Simply put down the highlights of your products, events and achievements. Our AI system will do the rest. Based on a thorough content analysis, your release will then be distributed to 50-100 journalists who may be interested in the topic. Remember to come back to retrieve your 5-day visibility report!

AI-recommended Media Influencers

Less PR research, more story-telling.Our AI system finds the most relevant and influential journalists based on each company’s products/services from our 80k+ worldwide media influencer database for you. Access their contact information, read their past articles and start building real connections. 
Customized media list available upon request.

Automated Pitch Email Generation

Draft a pitch email in seconds.Answer 5 simple questions about your company, and BOOM, a pitch email is automatically written for you. Further personalize your email with merge tags for best results. No more stressing about writing the perfect pitch email.

Placement Tracking & Analysis

Never miss your press mentions.Our system updates and delivers your latest media mentions (placements) to your inbox weekly. We also provide you with insights of your placement performances on your dashboard with key metrics to help you monitor and improve your engagements.

Outreach Engagement Tracking

Maximize media outreach results with insights.Manage your media outreach campaigns in one place. All emails sent on SparkAmplify are tracked, which means you can access valuable engagement stats such as opens and clicks. Send follow-up emails according to different engagements effortlessly and maximize your reach.

Team Management

You’re not alone in this!We know building media relationships isn't always easy, not when you do everything alone. Multiple people from your team can now access the same SparkAmplify account. Share your workload with your team and build PR capabilities together!

Social Proof Index

Showcase your brand's influence with our index.We have created an industry-first index that measures a brand’s social proof based on media placements. Once you start measuring your social proof you will be on the path of improving.

More features
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Personalized Lead Generation

User-friendly form design and execute

Customize your website lead form anywhere anytime

Maximize Your Lead Gen Ad Campaigns

Increase lead gen form impression and personalized call to action for engagement

Convert Leads with Website Intent Analysis

User journey data visualization with actionable lead follow up insights

Coming soon

Integrate with the Tools You Love

Easy 3rd party integrations (i.e. LinkedIn and CRM)  to improve lead data quality and workflow

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