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Social proof index

We have created an industry-first index that measures a brand’s social proof based on media placements. Once you start measuring your social proof you will be on the path of improving.

Article-based media recommendation

Try our latest creation by submitting your best article about your product and we will let our AI analyze it to provide you with a list of media influencers that might be interested in you!

AI-outreach assistant

Let our advanced machine learning algorithm find the most relevant and influential journalists to help amplify your story. No two results are the same, we personalize the recommendation to maximize your success.

Smart flexible search

Your preference is our top priority. Therefore we provide you with the freedom and flexibility to access our continuously updated database and improve on the overall search experience.

Convenient communication

Communication is key to influencer outreach. That is why we have made the process simple and transparent. You focus on telling your brand story and we make sure you get connected.

Dashboard analytics

All the data you need in an easy presentable format. Identify key metrics to improve on your next outreach and monitor potential influencer engagements.

Auto media placement identification

We help you identify your precious media placements accurately and on time, without exhaustive manual searches.

Website module integration

Manage your media placements in one central place and make sure your website News/Event section is in sync with your brands’ social proof information.

Advanced organizational view (Customize request)

Need to manage more than one brand? Whether you are a marketing agency, accelerator, or VC, you can take advantage of SparkAmplify to provide you with the additional insight to give you the competitive advantage.



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