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Maximize Global Success with Intelligent Media and Customer Engagement

Build Impressions

Beautiful brand profiles that journalists will love

The Power of Data

100,000+ influencers waiting for your discovery

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AI Recommendations

Be connected to the right media channels for press releases

Our users' successful media placements




Media Influencers

Don’t know how to earn more press coverage?

SparkAmplify analyzes various media influencers in our comprehensive database and recommends those that best fit your brand.

Global media outreach process seems too overwhelming?

An all-in-one process that allows anyone to become an expert in media pitch with data-driven results.
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Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to digital social selling?

Dive into the realm of AI-driven strategies on LinkedIn and discover how to elevate your sales game to new heights

Have a difficult time pitching your story?

Our brand profile is designed from the media perspective to help you organize the perfect press kit to do a successful media pitch for the press release.

Struggling to convert brand awareness into valuable customers?

Personalized lead prospect collection based on customized campaigns and specific marketing intent.

Key Advantages


Subscription-based without long term contracts


Less manual research and more storytelling


Improve on placement rate with targeted outreach


This is my first time using SparkAmplify. Its user interface is clear, simple and user-friendly. With its event page function, we managed to feature all event participants on one page and showcased to the media efficiently. SparkAmplify is beneficial to companies like us that deal with international commerce and culture interchange.

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