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This is my first time using SparkAmplify. Its user interface is clear, simple and user-friendly. With its event page function, we managed to feature all event participants on one page and showcased to the media efficiently. SparkAmplify is beneficial to companies like us that deal with international commerce and culture interchange.
As a tech entrepreneur, I am juggling with many priorities at once. With no connection in Journalism field, searching for the Journalist who writes in real estate tech would have taken weeks of time. With SparkAmplify, I was able to make connections in hours!
Divyesh Panchal / Co-founder & CEO
I love SparkAmplify for doing all the heavy lifting on the global media outreach process which allows me to focus on things that matter most - bringing the revolutionary smart phone 3D printing solution to the world.
Jeng Ywan Jeng / CEO
SparkAmplify has greatly simplified media outreach for us. Despite our inexperience in global media outreach, SparkAmplify has enabled us to get several great media placements and get out impressive press release contents. We truly could not have been so efficient in this process without them. I would recommend SparkAmplify to any startup and even larger companies.
Aadith Moorthy / Founder
ConserWater Technologies
I love the process of this event, it’s very successful and very helpful to assist us build media relationship.
It's my first time to use SparkAmplify. The media pitch list is huge and spread to all kinds of industries. It's not only extend our business market but also help us to contact the target media with convenience and efficiency.
Studio 2
Sparkamplify helps us connect to foreign media effectively, it's a nice platform for startups.
Christy / Brand Marketing Manager
Follia VR

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